First Friday LV

About the Project

Prior to its August 2016 event — dubbed “Deliverance” — the First FridayFoundation approached us to breathe new life into its monthly festival’s image. Per the leadership of the Foundation, the event was to serve as a sort of rebirth for the fest, a concept that the Higher Ground team ran with. The design of the event’s promotional artwork, created in-house and used in both print and digital campaigns, featured a swarm of butterflies bursting forth from a large cocoon.

Following the “Deliverance” campaign, the executive director of the First Friday Foundation informed us that he received high praise of the imagery created by Higher Ground. On the night of the event, an attendee mentioned that he’d seen the advertisement in Vegas Seven, and then again on the First Friday social media pages. He found himself repeatedly revisiting the advertisement on Instagram because he could not stop thinking about artwork. Despite having not attended an event in many months, he made a point to be a part of First Friday’s rebirth.

The director of the First Friday Foundation admitted that, in general, he had always viewed advertising as a way to remind locals (who were already planning to attend) of the date, time, and location of the upcoming event — but never once had someone stated that he or she had attended solely because of the advertising design. Thanks to this positive experience with Higher Ground, our contract was extended to create more than six additional designs for the foundation in the ensuing months.






Dates: 2015 – 2017
Design and Art Direction: Jacob Gallegos
Silver Award from the Davey Awards: First Friday Art Walk – Magazine Ad design