Redbooks: Top Ad Agencies in Las Vegas

Art By Jacob Gallegos

For almost 100 years, REDBOOKS has been providing competitive intelligence and prospecting data to media companies, advertising agencies, manufacturers, advertising services and suppliers, libraries and more.

REDBOOKS is also an advertising agency database with a comprehensive list of top advertisers and agencies.

As of January 2017 Higher Ground Creative Agency is one of the top 5 agencies headquartered in Las Vegas, based on the REDBOOKS agency algorithm.

Which is awesome, and fun to talk about, but it’s still just a computer program spitting out a list…so we went to a third party. We wanted to see how we made the list based on the actual human/client experiences. Putting a face to the numbers and algorithms as it were.

We reached out to Russ Carlson, a hard-working Las Vegas resident with 15 years of executive leadership across Financial Services, Hospitality Technology and Consulting (currently the Director of POS Solutions at Agilysys), and has worked with the Higher Ground team on several campaigns and rebrands.

We asked him a few questions to get figure out if the Redbooks list was based on merit would Higher Ground still be listed in the top 5?

Q. What kinds of marketing and advertising campaigns and projects have you worked on with the Higher Ground team?

A. Branding, New Website Build, Marketing Collateral

Q. Why do you think Higher Ground can be on lists alongside Kirvin Doak, SK+G, and R+R Partners?

A. When choosing a creative agency, it’s not the size of the company that’s important to me, it’s the ideas that they generate. Higher Ground has some of the best and brightest minds in their field.

Q. What are a few things that you like about the Higher Ground Team?

1. Creative thinking – from the outlandish to the practical, the Higher Ground team will give you creative options from all sides of the spectrum

2. Truly listening to the client to really get to the root of what is needed and coming up with creative ways to satisfy those needs

3. The ability to disagree with the client in a professional, thoughtful way. As a client, we have a vision of what we want accomplished and we think there is only one way to get there, Higher Ground could point us in the right direction using a tactful approach that helped us see the right direction to move in, that was at times counter to our initial thoughts

Q. What surprised you about the team the first time you worked with them.

A. Just how excited they all were to tackle any project. And the willingness to provide us with multiple ideas on single projects.

Q. Does it surprise you that they are in the top 5 of this top Agencies list, if not, why not?

A. Not at all, the team at Higher Ground is extremely talented and qualified. The bigger agencies should take notice.